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    A: Should I have an account on this website to buy items on this website?

    Q: No, not required. Our simple & easy booking platform enables direct checkout from the shopping cart without any signup for account.

    A: Need to find the trip based on duration for you?

    Q: Use the dropdown for the each destination you are looking for in the top left corner of the screen in Homepage and click the Half day tours, Full day tours & evening tours category to review the tour programs. When you click on a tour name, it will take you to a page with information about that tour including prices, availability and itinerary.

    A: How do I go about making a booking?

    Q: Please refer to how to book and pay for information on making a booking.

    A: I am unable to open a link on the website?

    Q: There could be hundreds of reasons for this from temporary glitches to mismatched settings on your own computer. We can confirm that the link URL's are correct however if they are not working on your computer, try copying the URL given and pasting it directly into your web browser. Alternatively, retype it into the browser yourself.


    If you still couldn’t view the page then kindly report us through e-mail or live chat.

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